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Streamline Your Payment Process: Seamlessly Integrate Elavon Opayo with Xero for Effortless Payments

We introduced HostedPay in 2015 to provide our UK customers with a seamless payment processing solution integrated with Xero. Over the years, HostedPay has successfully facilitated transactions worth over 500 million GBP on a global scale, securely, reliably and efficiency.

How it works

HostedPay creates a secure payment page that you can setup with the Xero Pay Online Button that redirects your customers over to Elavon Opayo. Once the payment is complete HostedPay will apply the payment onto your Xero invoice automatically.

How it works
  • Multi-Currency
  • Apply Xero Payments
  • Accept Surcharges
  • End to end encryption
  • Setup in under 5 minutes
  • GDPR Compliant

HostedPay is owned by Australian-based Cloud Depot

HostedPay is a payment solution owned by Cloud Depot, a Australian-based company with a global customer base spanning across more than 20 countries. Cloud Depot specialises in payment solutions.

By leveraging our expertise as a Xero and Elavon developer partner, HostedPay provides a reliable and seamless payment integration within your Xero account. This integration allows you to leverage the full capabilities of Xero's invoicing system, making it easier for your customers to make payments directly from their invoices.

Million GBP

Since our launch we have processed over 500 million GBP in payments through HostedPay.


Security and Privacy

We are serious about security

We understand the importance of keeping customer data secure and ensuring their privacy. To achieve this, all customer data that contains sensitive information, such as names or emails, is encrypted at multiple layers within our system.

At the data layer (database) and physical layer (disk), encryption measures are implemented to protect the confidentiality of customer data. This ensures that even if unauthorised access is gained, the data remains encrypted and unreadable.
Additionally, backups of customer data also undergo encryption to maintain the same level of security as the live data.

To further enhance the security of encryption keys, we entrust their management to Amazon AWS Key Management Service. As an ISO/IEC 27001 certified organization, Amazon AWS Key Management Service follows robust security protocols and frameworks to safeguard encryption keys effectively.

  • We don’t store credit cards
  • We don’t sell or use your data
  • HTTPs (SSL TLS 1.2)
  • GDPR Compliant
  • PCI Compliant
  • ISO 27001 hosting provider
  • Your data is encrypted
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